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Quick Tip

Most people think its ok to leave their hose connected to their outside spigot. It makes it easier for them to do things like water plants, wash cars, etc. But in fact, when you start that habit we forget to disconnect it during the winter months. This is the #1 reason our outside faucets leak or worse burst in the wall. Then when you turn it on to wash your car first of spring it floods walls, floors and causes major problems inside the house. Start disconnecting that hose and make it a habit to avoid these problems.

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Let us come out and test your pressure or test it yourself. Home Depot sells a water tester for $10 if your wanting to test it your self, or call us and let us test if for you. Normal house pressure should be between 50-65psi. If your water pressure is above 75psi you will start to notice small problems like, toilets running, outside spigots dripping, small amounts of water under your water heater. Please let us come check it out before it turns into a major issue.


Standard 3/4" or 1" PRV installation

Pricing includes labor, Parts, and tax

3/4" PRV, New valve $225

1" PRV, New valve $250

3/4" PRV, New Valve, and thermal expansion tank above water heater $299

1" PRV New Valve, and thermal expansion tank above Water heater $325

Must Be In Service Area and Prices Subject to Change


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